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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your questions and a lot more!

Shopping in our website is not done as usual. We have a very limited stock due to the amount of orders we are currently receiving, so because of that we are asking up to 20 days to have the shoes delivered. Note that, more than 50% of the orders are shipped within the first days after placing the order, but due to stock shortage, some styles may need slightly longer waiting periods. Thank you for your understanding.

Because of that we are not charging you when placing the order, instead of that, we do it once the order is closer to be completed. So we are not taking your money many days before you get your order.

There is no inconvenience at all; we will do our best to accommodate any changes to your order. The best way to modify or cancel an order is to email us at info@meermin.es

Currently we are not requiring advanced payment* (Except for MTO Groups).

You'll be requested to pay once your order is ready to ship.

Meermin does accept Credit card, PayPal & Bank Transfer.

Credit Card:

Meermin accepts VISA, MasterCard & American Express. When paying by card you'll be asked for the card details (Card number, period of validity and the CVC code). All information is encrypted using SSL encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to your card details. We do not store card numbers after the transaction has been carried out.


PayPal allows secure payment with your PayPal account or credit card. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment. It is also possible to pay using a credit card via PayPal without having a PayPal account. (Note that we are now charging a 5% fee on all payments made via PayPal).

Bank Transfer:

Meermin also offers the possibility of wiring the amount of the order to the following bank account: If you prefer to pay via wire transfer, please send us an email after completing the payment just to inform us and speed the process up.

Spanish VAT (Sales TAX - 21%) is automatically deducted on orders outside the European Union. However, any customs fees and/or local taxes are the buyerÂ’s responsibility. All orders from outside the European Union will be billed in US Dolar (USD). Please note that it is against our policy to write down value of any shipped goods in order to avoid customs.

Please note that, since we do deduce the Spanish VAT in advance for all non EU orders, Meermin is not responsible of possible customs taxes to be applied upon arrival of the packages to the final destination.

If you have any further questions about VAT and VAT deduction, please feel free to email us at info@meermin.es

You will receive email updates on the status of your order in a timely manner. If you need any further information kindly email us to info@meermin.es 

To purchase Meermin shoes in multiples (quantities greater than 10), send us an email to info@meermin.es. We will be happy to help!

Unfortunately our prices are too adjusted too cover the PayPal fees, so we have had to add a fee on all PayPal transactions.

Said that, note that we do accept other payment methods free of charge such as Credit Card and Bank wire.

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