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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your questions and a lot more!

Not currently, but we are working on it!

Our products can only be found in our Madrid Store & in our webshop www.meermin.es

Our core idea is to eliminate the retailer mark up and transfer the savings to you.

This is a concept that is only possible if we do sell our products exclusively directly to you, through our own Stores, bypassing the traditional retailer based model.

Traditionally Meermin used to sell at the best High End department Stores in Japan, where the prices were 4 times the ones we are selling today, and the shoes were the same ones. This was just due to the retailer & distributor mark up.

We are not confident in supporting this way of operating, since it is not good for the customer and neither for the brand, so we have decided to move our strategy towards the retailer-less model.

This way the production volume is lower, so we can focus more in improve the quality of our products every day rather in produce huge amounts of shoes.

No, Meermin does not offer sales or discounts at any period of the year.

Meermin's core idea is to produce & sell handmade, high quality welted shoes at a very competitive price, directly to the end customer, with no middlemen or retailers. This way we are eliminating the retailer mark up and transfer the savings to you.

We like to think that seasonal sales are included in our retail price, with a slight difference, that you do not have to wait for seasonal sales; we are keeping the same prices all year round. Our customers tend to confirm us that this is a point that provides confidence in the long term, knowing that the product purchased won't be on sale sooner or later, loosing its value.

We are not offering wholesale service, since our business is based in a retailer-less distribution strategy.

We prefer to sell our products directly to the end customer and be able to control the whole chain until the end customer.

We work very hard to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear on our website. However, since leather is a natural material, the tone may slightly vary from one pair to another.

Aside from that we cannot guarantee that any monitor will display colours in a completely accurate way.

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